Configure CCCP

Default audio and subtitle combinations

Go to Haali's splitter properties ("Haali Media Splitter Settings" in the CCCP start menu group), and click the Options tab.
If you want to set Japanese audio and English subs as default, choose Languages-Audio and Subtitle languages and set it to:
If you want to set English audio and no subs as default, choose Languages-Audio and Subtitle languages and set it to:

There's more to this, you can actually specify whole lists of preferred audio and subtitle combinations. This is, however, largely out of the scope of this FAQ. Refer to the tooltips in the splitter configuration for more information. All three lettered language codes used by Haali can be found here.

NOTE: Some encodes have two or more tracks with the same language code. Sometimes common in english files is to have two English subtitle tracks: one for English audio and one for Japanese audio - usually the one intended for use with the English audio only has translations of onscreen titles and signs, also sometimes one set of subs is style while the other is not. You will only be able to prioritize the first English sub track listed in this example, and not the second. In these cases you will have to manually choose the secondary subtitle track yourself. You could also remux the files yourself to fix the problem permanently.

NOTE 2: Since the 2005-11-17 CCCP, this will also work for OGM files. However, most OGM's do not have correct language tags, so don't be surprised if this mostly fails.

NOTE 3: Always use lowercase letters for the language codes.


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